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Loupe = Therapy?!?

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Can't imagine this actually happened to me...


Found a way, although a painful one, to get my wife to actually ask me to look at some coins. Generally speaking, she doesn't understand the passion I have for coins, she gets the collecting part and really likes the artistry and beauty of coins, but that's were it ends for her.


This past weekend while playing touch football at our annual church picnic, I slipped and fell on my shoulder after catching a pass. It took my breath away and I played a little while longer before realizing I had a problem. We went to the emergency room and I had separated my shoulder...


Sunday night I was sick, it was my loupe hand, how am I going to look at coins? Well, I became determined that I would have the greatest comeback since Lazurus, and I immediately started working with the arm. I'm happy to say within 48 hours I could raise it far enough to hold the loupe and get back to what I enjoy so much.


Saw the orthopedic surgeon yesterday and he is very happy with my progress and it appears my loupe will be my therapist for the duration of healing! Perhaps HE Harris could use this marketing their products.


A somewhat local coin show this weekend, which I hope to be able to make!


Have a great day!




Today's pic - the obverse of my newly graded 1995-P Washington Quarter in MS 67.



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Todd, I think you stumbled on to something here. Your doctor should have this therapy published in a medical journal. Get well soon!


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Excellent therapy! I'm sure that it would work on any number of ailments. Besides, you can continue the therapy even after complete recovery.


Thats a super twenty-five center too.



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Great Quarter and great story. Numismatics is good for your health!!!!!!

Start with the smaller loupe and work up to the big telescope loupe, you

don't want a setback. :)




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Thanks to all of you for the well wishes! I'm recovering quite nicely and I think even my wife would admit that the loupe and my hobby are truly helping speed this recovery.

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Sounds like good therapy! Now you have to convince your wife that you need to buy more new coins because youve already looked at the ones you have! :D


All kidding aside, glad youre doing better!

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