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Perfect? posted by Eagles-R-it

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In who's eye?


Here is a pic of my latest aquisition. MS69 W Silver Eagle. I have looked this coin over and over with a 10x glass, and can find no faults. Used diffferent light, angles and such. It seems all my MS69 W burnished Eagles are totally problem free. Am I lucky, is it the burnished blank that doesn't let small imperfections show? I don't know.


Perhaps some of you more experienced members can help. I have MS70s not burnished that should be 69s or even 68s. I know grading is an aquired knowledge, but these burnished I have gotten lately are stunning. Oops, just a thought, could they be Chinese fakes? Or should I say faux?


Anyway enjoy my latest addition to my 69 collection and give me your opinion on the burnished graded holdered coins being overall superior than regular issues.



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For a coin to merit the 70 grade it must have no imperfections at 5x magnification and also be fully struck, your coin may not be fully struck and that is a difficult thing to figure out.


I have a few PF70 coins that have easily visible flaws like a nick on the rim, you could always challenge it and see how that goes. The difference in price between a 69 and 70 may not merit doing that because as grading goes everything costs money.


Nice coin anyways! :banana:

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TBH, grading is sometimes like playing slots...when you get a 70 you hit the 7-7-7 jackpot, and with a 69 you missed the last 7. Submit it 20 times and it might hit it once, or might not.

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