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Back from my travels posted by John M. Robinson II

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Went to the mountains of Northern New York for ten days. Found a few interesting things


I try my best, if my budget allows, to visit out of the way antique shops while on my various travels. I have been in the mountains of Northern New York for the past ten days visiting my mother. Taking advantage of my - gift -- from my Uncle Sam this year, a trip or two to some antiques shops was on my to-do list while in the mountains.


The first things I picked up were two rolls of 1976 P and 1891 P Pennies. They were sitting on a window sill in a small mom and pop resturaunt. Picked up these unopened UNC rolls for $3.00 each. I feel I did good on this find.


The next thing I picked up was a 1889 P Morgan. The antique shop had about ten of this coins from the 1880s for sale at a cost of $50.00 each.


I forced myself to keep my credit cards in my wallet and purchased only one coin. I want to make sure the official grading and quality of the purchased coin matches my expectations. Any comments on the images below would be appreciated.


I am now back at home and have my mom visiting with me for a few months. Along with her two mature well-fed cats and poodle joining my own two kittens this should be an interesting visit.


My plan is to have this newest 1889 P Morgan sent in and graded before I return to the Mountains of New York. I hope to purchase a few more of these coins, if the quality and FMV is above normal.


Best wishes to all and have fun on your coin collecting adventures.


Semper Fi !



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Hello CV,


I found about ten of this Morgans of very similar condition (mid to late 1880s).... on the banks of the Pacific Ocean, along the state of Arizona. :makepoint:


Thanks for grading comments. I reposted improved images of the coin onto my original post so, a better perspective of the quality can be seen.


I will keep an update going in regards to this coin. Each new coin I rediscover, is a learning adventure.




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While you were in Adirondacks did you happen to notice the water levels on the rivers and streams? I will be fishing the West Ausable in a few weeks ( its near Lake Placid) and was wondering if conditions are low given the drought we are having in the northeast (except for today's rain , which is why I am messing around on the message board). Cheers !!

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Hello RichH,


I can safely say the water levels in the rivers (smaller ones) and small lakes are doing very well. I was about an hour or so, south or so, from Lake Placid and I was amazed at the level and speed in which the waters were flowing.


Family members who I talked to while on my trip said they are happy with the fishing. Better then in years past when the water levels were very low and slow moving.


If I did this copy link thing correctly, check out this Northern New York FaceBook site. I know that the people on this group do all kinds of hunting and fishing in Northern New York.




While visiting my mother in NY one of her friends brought her a bunch of freshly caught bullhead. Did not take long to find a home for them in her freezer until she gets back from her visit with me.


Good fishing,



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