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"WWII Box O' Twenty"

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I've decided to build a box of 20 from war period coinage. Here's the list, what'dya think? The only thing I'm undecided on is to keep the 1946 dime or switch it out with a 1941-1942 copper cent.


1. 1943 1c

2. 1943-D 1c

3. 1943-S 1c

4. 1942 5c (type 1)

5. 1942-P 5c

6. 1942-P 5c proof

7. 1942-S 5c

8. 1943-P 5c

9. 1943-D 5c

10. 1943-S 5c

11. 1944-P 5c

12. 1944-D 5c

13. 1944-S 5c

14. 1945-P 5c

15. 1945-D 5c

16. 1945-S 5c

17. 1941-1945 10c

18. 1946 10c

19. 1941-1945 25c

20. 1941-1945 50c

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This is interesting...


Why did you select this particular group? You are heavy on cents and nickels and light on everything else - why?


If I were to do this I think I would go for a complete mint set or possibly a year set for the years you are interested in. Thats just my 2 cents :)


Cool idea regardless how you pick the 20 coins though.


I wonder how difficult it would be to find an original magazine/newspaper article talking about the change in composition of these coins at the time. My immediate guess is that the magazine/newspaper wouldn't be that expensive and the hunt to find it would be fun (for me at least!)

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Heavy on the cents and nickels because those are two different specialty sets that would be completed in this box; also those are the coins that actually changed solely because of the war effort.


In that case I would also want to add the 1944 - 1946 cents made using the old shell cases...


I am aware that I haven't actually answered your original question...hmm...I'd go for the 1941-1942 cent solely because the set is focused on cents and nickels already.

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I didn't realize they did that. Revamped:


1. 1941-2 1c (normal composition)

2. 1943 1c (steel)

3. 1943-D 1c

4. 1943-S 1c

5. 1944-5 1c (cartridge case composition)

6. 1942 5c (type 1)

7. 1942-P 5c (type 2)

8. 1942-S 5c

9. 1943-P 5c

10. 1943-D 5c

11. 1943-S 5c

12. 1944-P 5c

13. 1944-D 5c

14. 1944-S 5c

15. 1945-P 5c

16. 1945-D 5c

17. 1945-S 5c

18. 1941-5 10c

19. 1941-5 25c

20. 1941-5 50c


I think I do like that better, thanks.

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