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Hawaii State Quarter error by John M. Robinson II

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Number of islands, on the same coin, differ.


As promised, I have attached an enhanced image of the Islands in regards to the error variation of 2008 Hawaii State quarter.


Previously, I joked that with or without wearing my eye glasses I counted a different number of Islands each time I looked.


As seen in the images below, I still see two different sets of Islands, on the same 2008 coin.


A closer examination of the Islands show that, with the right angle of lighting, two of the mid-sized Islands appear to be separated. This may be the cause or, reason for counting 10 Islands rather then the appropriate 8.


I am hopeful that someone, through theses boards, can produce a Hawaii 2008 State quarter that shows the error of having 10 Islands.



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Thanks John, Wonderful, I've been hoping to see a photo of this error, looks as if Maui is in two pieces with the head detached from the rest of the island.


Neat, I'll have to keep my eyes open for one of these



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Hello Merlin8,


Thanks for the kind words and your discription pertaining to Maui on the 2008 Hawaii state coin.


I am certain someone, somewhere, can produce a ten-island error coin image.


I kind of only have shown, if the lighting is at particular slight angles, how a person might count more then the proper eight Islands on the coin.


I count eight and nine on the same coin, just by holding the coin at different angles. Optical illusion, of sorts.


Keep making your own posts, I really enjoy them and I learn a great deal.


Best wishes,




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