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Two Great American Generals meet in the Beaw's Den

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Hope they stay a long time.



Yesterday I received two coins in the mail honoring famous American Army Generals. The 1973-S Silver Clad Eisenhower Dollar was the last piece in my Proof Eisenhower registry set while the 1922-P Grant Commemorative Half added another coin to my 1st generation Commemorative Type Set.


Although both Grant and Eisenhower are famous, Grant is the more important as he took a disheartened and diffidently led Union Army and turned it into a Force that would no longer shrink away when the Confederat Army chose to stand and fight. IMHO Grant is as responsible for the Preservation of the Union as President Lincoln.


Eisenhower was not nearly as important as Grant in ultimate victory during WWII. Eisenhower was a good choice for SHAEF Commander, because of his ability to manage the behind the scenes politicking, but he was not a battlefield Commander and was not as important to ultimate victory as Patton, Bradley, or even Montgomery. However, one must give Eisenhower great credit for managing incredible egos, placating politicians on both side of the Atlantic, and allocating scarce resources in a way that the battlefield Commanders never truly appreciated.


Two Generals, two Presidents, two American heroes, I am proud to add them to my collection.





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I think that a lot of people consider Ike to be a deadbeat president. He is quoted to say he'd spend a lot of time on the golf course during his second term. However, he can be credited with the the formation of NASA and the Interstate Highway System. You could probably make the case though that these two initiatives were driven by the cold war. The Korean war which he presided over in the end certainly could.

I also like Grant as a general and a president and agree with your evaluation of Ike.


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