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Old guy decides to jump into the deep end of coin collecting with very mixed results. posted by Richard Blaine

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Ignorance is not bliss!


I`m a retired civil servant. I am not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. I conservatively invested in the stock market most of my adult life. My overall experience was mixed, but I did alright. I made a reasonable amount of profit over the years. Considerably more than I would have achieved from simple interest earning investments. I`ve been retired for 10 years now.

In 2009, and quite by accident, I pushed a wrong button on my TV`s remote control. Serendipity. I was looking at a television coin show. The TV show was called The Coin Vault. Prior to this, I thought that you could only buy a coin by visiting a local coin shop. *Before I write more, I`m going to see if can input this into my Journal. I expect that I will fail, and I will lose what I have written so far. We`ll see.


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When I was first starting out I made quite a few purchases from The Coin Vault, and on each and every deal after I bought I found out that I paid WAY more than I should have and if I would have been patient I would have found a better deal in more than 1 place.


I would not recommend buying from them unless you have more money than sense. Now when I see that show I only watch it to hear the misinformation and for a laugh.


See I can laugh at my mistakes :banana:

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I remember back at the turn of the century buying ASEs from them... at the time, it was the only place I knew. I never purchased anything except a graded ASE or raw silver dollars in rolls. At the time, I paid about $7-8 per coin in BU.


They always say that tehy don't sell for specualtors or investors... just to collectors, and that you shouldn't expect a profit. Well, that was true until silver jumped back up to $40-$45 an ounce last year. I took those silver dollars and put them on eBay, and got $40-60 per coin (ASEs and Peace Dollars).. not a bad return.


I wish there was a coin shop near me, but alas, there is none. I have to rely on eBay, Heritage, some local auctions and coin shows.... I find deals all the time, and always beat their prices now.



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