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My first journal posted by Yankeejose

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my 2 cents on NGC vs PCGS in the CS


I have enjoyed reading my fellow collectors journals, but had to write my first journal. I find the recent discussion of PCGS versus NGC in the collector society (CS) very interesting so I thought I would put in my 2 cents.


I actually first started collecting PCGS slabs (I also maintain a PCGS registry). Due to my at times limited budget, I mainly bought modern PF 69 proof coins. I thought then, and still think now they are great looking coins. With my budget, I also found them affordable at 5-10 dollars per coin. As I started to buy more certified coins, I continued to stick with mainly PCGS coins. I then found out about the NGC registry and was thrilled at the ability to include my PCGS coins. I started to fill in my sets with either coin-whichever was available at the time -at the right price. To me the quality of all PF69 modern coins from both companies look pretty much the same in quality- although I have seen a few dogs from both companies.


When I do have the chance to upgrade to a PF70, I find the NGC coin price more reasonable and closer to what I might be able to sell it for later if god forbid I ever have sell my coins for money!


As I expanded to MS66 wheat cents I started to see more of a difference in quality- again both companies having some dogs (just look at the difference in quality of equally graded coins on Teletrade). I did seem to see more questionably graded NGC coins- so buy the coin not the holder seemed to be more applicable.


I agree with the comments questioning the CS decision to remove PCGS world coins. I also question whether their motives were financially motivated. Personally, I will not prematurely remove my PCGS coins or replace them with NGC coins if the CS decides to remove the PCGS coins. I would probably have less interest in the registry if half of my coins became not eligible.


The recent drop of the PCGS world coins has changed some of my thought processes when it comes to filling the remaining holes in my unfinished sets. I am now more inclined to buy only the holder that matches the majority of my sets. Some of my sets are mainly PCGS and some are mainly NGC. My 21st century type set is all PF70 NGC- so that would stay at number 1 even if the changes were made. Therefore, if NGC does think that people will start only buying NGC and crossing over their PCGS coins- I know one person that will not bite on that stick.


Happy collecting everybody!


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