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No offense meant and none taken Bammer

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Please find below a respectful response to anyone else that I may have offended or not as the case may be


To clarify my point and to say thanks for not singling me out, I was trying to express my feeling on the subject of PCGS coins being swapped out for NGC examples in a recent post by Bully to Hunters Gold. It was not my intention too and I did not tell anyone how or what to collect in that post and if you got that impression you are respectfully, mistaken. I did, however, state that I no longer populate sets with PCGS coins. Moreover, I have no issues with which slabs you decide to populate your registry with, PCGS or NGC and I do not have any issues with the NGC policy to allow them. I did state, that in my opinion, NGC should not allow PCGS graded coins in their registry and that was all it was, an opinion.


Too back that up, earlier this month, I removed all PCGS coins from my registry and started over from scratch and in the process I lost some sets I had been working on for years. That decision was based on my own desire to build a true NGC Registry and as my way of showing solidarity with World Set collectors who had just had their coins dropped. Far be it from me to tell anyone what they should or should not collect. I would never do that and as I reread the post Bammer took exception to, I see nothing there that would give someone that impression but if it did, I apologize, that was not my intention.


For some additinal background, I made the decision, as did Bammer, to join the NGC society because I liked the website, journals, and the collection manager and most of all because they allowed PCGS coins in their registry. The main reason I decided to become a member of this community over PCGS was that I would be able to list my PCGS coins in competitive sets. Recently, after a lot of hand wringing and thought, I decided to purge all those coins into a Custom set and begin to rebuild my registry with NGC slabs exclusively. Irrespective of the NGC policy to allow them, I made the decision to purge them to better reflect my own collecting goals.


With respect to other members who prefer to build top ranked sets with mixed slabs to achieve the best set they can, I applaud their efforts wholeheartedly and wish them all great success. Of the 45 PCGS coins I purged from my registry sets I have replaced 5 with NGC graded coins of the same grade. Now, if you are asking yourself why in the world someone would do that, I guess my response would be that you are looking at it from your perspective and applying your own collecting practices to my criteria in which case you will never be able to make any sense of a move like that.


The purge was just my way of showing respect to you all and our NGC community without employing more radical methods such as Native Americans and ancient Hawaiians used when they lost a valued member of the community or a loved one, they cut off their hair, or busted out some teeth or plucked out an eye or otherwise mutilated themselfs.


There is nothing like a good healthy debate and I enjoy the banter and the opportunity to voice my opinion when I have something worth saying. I respect and admire you all for your expertise, experience, knowledge, and your willingness to share with those, such as myself, that are less so. Sometimes when sharing a point of view or your thoughts, especially in this digital format, it can be difficult to impart the proper tone in remarks to express your point without seeming to opinionated, rude or just plain nasty.


I try not to share knee jerk reactions in my journals and prefer to take the time to think about my response and this post is no exception. To those of you that are vested in this subject, I want to relay that I am on your side completely and I feel my actions have proven that, but as a realist, I see the writing on the wall and I have made the adjustment now that I believe will eventually have to be made in the future.


I have attached a picture of a recent addition in the same grade as the PCGS coin is repalced,


That is all,





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I think you should do whatever makes you happy without justification to anyone if you want pcgs coins or ngc or if you want to take a hammer and bust open the slabs to make a necklace.collect what makes YOU happy!!! just my opinion.

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All this is good because the only one you need to satisfy is you. Regardless of the choices people make, if they are happy with their choices I am happy for them. As always I wish you the best in accomplishing your collecting goals. But for my own sake, I hope that NGC doesn't purge the rest of the PCGS coins from their registry.


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Thanks for the latest journal entry. I'm glad we can all offer our opinions on things we are passionate about. I know I can be very outspoken at times, and that is why I wanted you to know I wasn't trying to single anyone out.


Iowa Silver Baron Bammer


P.S. I still wish NGC would have left everything alone. What I would have liked to have seen them do is make 2 registry sets. One for both slabs elgible and the other for for just NGC, then we all could have made a decision based on our personal preferences.


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Thanks everyone for your thoughts and Bammer, no worries bud, I just said that as a pun and lead in for my post. I've been taking a bit of heat for this from other members so it appears this is a very touchy subject for some. That's what you get when you put yourself out there I guess, but thanks again for all your comments, I appreciate them.



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