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New to coins, need some advice.

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My first coin post... acclaim.gif



I was going to list a 5 lot of 1964 Kennedy Halves on eBay soon and wanted some advice.


First off I know nothing about grading them.


Were they VF (extra-fine in coin terms)?







Two nicer ones may be AU... 893scratchchin-thumb.gifconfused-smiley-013.gif


Second the price.


This auction started at $9.99 and got some bids. Is this normal or did he get lucky? I don't want to list too high and not get any bids.


I think mine are nicer... gossip.gifthumbsup2.gif




If I grade them XF to AU and open at $9.99 with no reserve I'm doing a good thing right?



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Howdy Aces. You may get more information if you post this thread in the general US coin forum instead of the marketplace. Anyway, I will attempt to help you.


It's near impossible to tell the grade of coins, with any precision, based upon a scan. So, keeping that in mind, the coins look AU or better to me. The coins represent $2.50 in face value and are 90% silver. The recent spike in silver prices, around $8 an ounce, had people paying near 5x face value for 90% silver coins. This would mean that some folks might value those coins at about $12.50 for the lot.


In truth, I think there is very little numismatic value in lots of coins like you offered, however, they always contain their bullion value and this is where they get their bids from. For the auction you linked, the winning bidder probably ended up paying about $13 total to have the coins shipped. That is too much to me, but they hardly got ripped, it is current market price.


Silver has dropped recently, I'm not certain what it is but it is more like $6.50 an ounce, and this will effect the value of your lot. I think your starting price might be a little high, but it is also fair. thumbsup2.gif

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Thanks! thumbsup2.gif


Silver has dropped recently...


My luck I'm a week late huh? foreheadslap.gif

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