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NCS - Conservation and Re-grading Afterward ...

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I did a follow up question on NCS' forum and are awaiting their thoughts.


cc'd question


What are your thoughts on this matter.




If a coin already graded is considered a conservation candidate for unsightly toning and is determined to be able to keep its original grade after conservation as determined by an NGC grader in your employ.


Is the coin then re-graded by a different grader from NGC, one different than the one initially stating it could be conserved and keep its same grade.


Objectivity and bias is obviously the issue if it is the same grader making the regrade, knowing its initial grade before conservation.


I feel the upgrade potential is swearved toward, NO upgrade, if its the SAME grader doing the re-grade after conservation.


Your thoughts and if anyone here has had any experience on a conservation WITH upgrade scenario ( Pictures would be pleasant :) )

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I've had one experience with NCS.


Back in 2009, I won a 1883 No Cents Liberty nickel in an OGH with a Eliasberg pedigree. It was graded MS64.


I later sent it into CAC. It came back with a sticker but not the one you want. It was a little round sticker with " PVC" written on it.


Later I decided to sent it to NCS. They conserved it and NGC graded it MS65 with the Eliasberg pedigree.


Once again, I sent it along with some more coins to CAC. It got the green bean this time.


The NGC certification # is 3370550-001 for anyone who cares to see it. The image is not very good though.


I realize the coin doesn't warrant what I've spent on it. However, I have no regrets. I like the coin and the process was entertaining to me. Still, it's not something I would do very often.



















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"When a coin already certified by NGC is submitted for conservation it will be evaluated prior to the conservation both to see what conservation work may be beneficial to the piece and by an NGC grader to determine if the coin will at least maintain the currently stated grade through the conservation process. If both tests have positive potential then the coin is conserved and regraded with NGC following the conservation. The coin is graded at NGC as would any raw coin.


Chris, NCS"


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My coin was won in a PCGS OGH.


Rather than have it returned to PCGS for review, I chose to send it to NCS as I wanted to try out their service.


As I mentioned earlier, I was pleased with the results.

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