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Japan 1 rin

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Hello. I think this forum is deserted enough to let me post a pic or two :grin:

It's a Japanese 1 rin from Meiji7

I bought it for 4000yen($52 for today's rate) at a local coin show. I liked the pink toning on reverse.

Now it resides in PCGS holder.


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Wow, nearly 24hours have passed and my post is still on the top! hm

Let me post another coin from my small collection of Japanese coins.

Here's a Tempo-Tsuho from late Edo period. I got this coin from someone, but I don't remember well because it was more than 30years ago.

There are many varieties for Tempo-Tsuho and some might cost more than $300, but you can get common one for less than $10.


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Nice 1 rin. The color looks like it may have resulted from surface contaminant removal with MS70 and then a bath in acetone.


Does it have cracks at 12 and 2 o'clock above the "ichi"?


I need to find a 2 bu kin for an article I'm writing. I bought one last month, but it got lost in the mail. :(

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Hi, Shiroh-san.

Too bad to hear your 2bu was lost in mail. Hope you'll get a refund from the seller.


As for my 1 rin, yes those are die cracks at 12, 2 and 5 O'clock on the reverse.


MS70? I don't know. I have more funny/pretty colored copper coins from Japan and will post them on this forum someday.

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"MS70" is a surfactant that is used to clean dirt and some other contaminants from coin sufraces. It is not an acid, so it will not strip the surface of coins. I have used it to clean dirt off an Indian Head Cent years ago, and once I rinsed it in purified water and dipped it in acetone to remove the MS70 the coin showed interesting dark blue, pink, and other colors. It was an inexpensive coin so I didn't mind, but the brightness of the colors stuck in my memory.

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When I said "I don't know", I ment I don't know if MS70 was actually applied to that 1 rin.

I remember there was a thorough discussion about MS70 and copper coins(esp. indian cents) on US coin forum about a few years ago.......sorry for my bad English doh!


Here's another pretty toned coin from my collection. If my memory serves correctly, this one was once rejected by PCGS as questionable color and then got into NGC slab(as problem free). It has pinkish toning on both sides.


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