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Little call to NGC today posted by Johnson 1

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Santa will not be bring me any coins before Christmas


As many, I have sent a set of 25th Silver Eagle to NGC for grading. The coins were received by NGC on Dec 5th. I know this to be true because I am friends with the clerk at the Post Office in Sarasota Fl who handles the mail for NGC. From what I gathered is there was a massive amount of items sent to NGC in the last 10 days. Much more than the daily volume that NGC gets on an average week. So I call NGC and a nice lady tells me about how they have some 20,000 coin back up and it will take 8 days before NGC lists your coins as received and then 12 day for them to get graded. If that's the case NGC is making a killing on all of us. Let's see $17 times 20,000 looks to me like $340000.00 on one Set line. Not to mention the over 1 million in 2011 Silver Eagle coins graded. Wow I am in the wrong line of work. Looks like we are not getting great service here, while NGC make millions off us. I just have to ask myself why we put so much importance on grading of modern coins. So much money invested on the plastic slab, are we all so weak not to trust ourselves on tell a nice modern coin from another? I guess not so I will wait like the rest of you till after Christmas for the return of my coins. I sure hope they all come back 70s HO HO HO



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