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So, Who's the Bozo? posted by Captain Clipon

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I have been working on my Lincoln Satin (ms69) set for some time, but did I pay too much?


I just picked up the last 2009 Lincoln Satin MS69 coin for my registry set!! I now have all 8 of them. I paid $75.00 for the last one (09-P Presidency).

I feel pretty good at this moment, and am continuing to look for the other Satins that I need (07-D, 08-D, 2010 P-D).

OK, so I am poking around trying to find total mintages for the Uncirculated Mint Sets, AKA Satin sets, and I find this Bozo claiming to have found all 8 of the 09 Satins (again in MS69) for $23.00 EACH!

I have no reason to believe that someone would make up those kind of numbers, but I am pretty sure that on average I paid a little more than that.

It's frustrating but I plod on undaunted. The 09 Satins have a lover mintage than the 1931-S Lincoln. I know, they can't be put in the same category as regular business strikes, but you have to admit that's pretty low, in any grade.

Now to the MS68 Business strikes!

That's a whole 'nother story...


Oh, and I believe that my 09 Lincoln set is sitting at #7... :)


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