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Question about 1900/890 Overdate on Mexico Gold 1 Peso

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I just bought today a 1900 Mexico Gold 1 peso. The coin is not certified with an overdate and is simply certified as a NGC 1900 MS64 1 Peso. The coin clearly has an overdate of 1900/890. It does show up on the Krause book however there have been none certified by PCGS (the closest one is a 1900/899 overdate which is not even identified on the Krause catalog) and NGC only shows a 1900/800 certfied and none as 1900/890. matter of fact it looks like NGC or PCGS has never recognized a 1900/890 overdate


I'd like to get everyones opinion on this. Does it look like a 1900/890 overdate or a 1900/800. Looks to me like a 1900/890. If it is indeed a 900/890 it would be the first one recognized by NGC, or so it seems. Would i resubmit it as a variety attribution, error...Im not sure how since I really havent submitted many coins with these type of errors.







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I don't know how Mexico was punching their dates into the dies at that time but it may just be a 1900/189. Many countries used a three digit logotype and then simply punched in the last digit separately. this allowed them to make up dies with the first three digits ahead of time in one year and when the year changed the unhardened dies were still perfectly good because all they had to do was punch in the last digit of the new year. The only time you have a problem was when the decade changed. (We used to do that as well. All six of the overdate 1800 large cent dies were made in 1798. Only one of them had the 8 punched in, the other five were just 179_.

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Ok so I just received the coin today and there is certainly something going on. It looks to me like a 89 in the first two digits. All opinions welcomed










Krause does identify a 1900/890 and a 1900/800 coin so this falls right within known samples out there. I think though that the coin used to be a 1890 and it was punched with a 190 later on, or maybe this one is the 1900/800 variation. Opinions are welcomed. I guess what i would like to know is if it would be worth it to send it in as a mint error or is it variety???

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