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Great News Today From the Mint For Me posted by Jackson

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to be shipped on 11/28/11


I got my third email from the US Mint since that strange day that the ASE 25th Anniversary sets went on sale. The first email was the same day and simply stated that my order had been placed and I was on a waiting list/ backordered.


Several days ago I got a second email from the mint which sent my hopes tumbling. In a nutshell the notice simply said that I had not been dropped from the list and would receive my 2 sets if there were any cancellations. Although others had posted how their emails the same day had informed them that they were no longer on the list and had zero chance--I still felt that my chances were slim to none ( and Slim was saddling up to leave town.)


So today's notice from the mint is an unexpected surprise. I'm pretty stoked up and I'm not a full-fledged ASE collector per se. I do have several complete sets- just not graded sets. I have all of the key proof ASE's still in OGP/boxes, and of course you know I love the design since my favorite series is the Walking Liberty Half Dollar ( sorry ASE fans-- the reverse doesn't come close to the eagle on the Walker reverse.just IMHO).


So I hope this is good news to a few of you who are still on the backorder list. If you haven't gotten word yet that you won't be getting one-well then there is still hope that you might.


A couple other things while I'm already started--kudos to NGC for giving the 1915 Barber Half in VG10 grade more than 3 points. A coin whose value is roughly $150-200 deserves a few more than 3, a nice pick-up by the registry team. Not all is accolades in Collectors-Society land however. I just got my "packet" for renewing my PREMIUM membership. When I first joined NGC/CS we got a slabbed ASE along with free submissions and our membership package with an attractive folder, submission forms and heavy grade papered Price Lists for all of the grading services. This dropped down to a state quarter with special label but all of the other accoutrements. Eventually it was a CS pin and the folder package with a book on details grading, info about conservation and the forms and pricelists. This year I got a 44c envelope- in it was a single page letter with my membership number and a thank you for another year of being a member. Also in the envelope was the 5 submission coupon--that's it ! Just a form letter and a coupon..oh well, if it keeps from more price increases for membership again then I guess it's enough.( I at least would've liked the price list and some submission forms-I still like to write them longhand.)


Finally, the Baltimore Whitman Expo is this weekend at the Convention Center and Stacks Bowers are doing the main auction. Unfortunately I'll be away so I can't visit the bourse but I have my eye on some of the world coins I saw on the on-line catalog.


I don't have any good pics of new coins so here is a Seated Half I got recently for that set..an 1844-O in XF45



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Congratulations, and you're absolutely right-on about the rather mundane eagle on the back of the SAE compared to the original Walker. Hey, how come my 09-S VDB in XF40 still only has 3 points? :)

I guess they are working there way down from Barber Halves to Lincoln Cents.





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Thanks, Gary and Malcom..and Malcom-squeaky wheel gets the grease :baiting: you sometimes have to prod them a little. After all, look at the point values for the Roosevelt Dimes versus most sets with lower mintages and pops....but there are some serious avid Rosy fans here who have bemoaned the points on Rosies so many times that they ( rosies) now skew almost every year set after 1946.


3 points for an XF 1909-S VDB???? seriously??? that is truly baffling.

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