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Cleaning House

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Just finished going through my entire collection and weeding out all the coins in my collection that didn't meet my criteria, and have a few on E-Bay already. Decided that since my collecting habits have changed over the last 2 or 3 years, it was time to sort out what no longer fit. Plus, I will now concentrate on making sure that each coin that I buy in the future will be a keeper, and not a placeholder.


Reviewed 68 coins, of which 7 are needing upgrade, and 5 are goners.


Chose to sell:

1952 W-C commem in 65 (part of package deal with a nicely toned piece)

1979-S SBA $1 in 66 (only needed one for Type and kept a 99-D in 67)

1872-S H10 in 58 (found an awesome toned 1871 in 58)

1854 $H10 in 58 (dipped white, want a toned piece)

1960-D $.01 in 66RD (looking for a better date in 67RD, or at least my birth year in 66RD (1974))


Looking to upgrade:

1999-D $.25 CONN in 67 (I'm a Texan *&^%it, and in 2004, I get a Texas quarter)

1958 $.25 in 67 (want one rainbow toned)

1958 $.10 in 67 (ditto)

1944-D $.10 in 67FB (ditto)

1964-D $.50 in 66 (made myself, want one with better toning)

1835 $H10 in 58 (want one with nicer toning, this is dipped and retoned)

1807 $H01 in 30 (want a higher grade example although this one is PQ for the grade)


So of 68 coins reviewed in the collection, 56 are definite keepers, so overall, I feel pretty good about the state of my collection. Now to start robbing some banks so that I can start getting those early pieces and adding them a lot quicker. laugh.gif


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