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Currating a cancelled coin die?

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I have managed to obtain a pair (proof and business strike) of the cancelled Olympic Commemorative coin dies that were offered by the mint. Unfortunately both have some minor rust spots on them. Would NCS be able to remove the rust spots? The largest rust spot is no larger than the head of a pin, most of the spots are pin point in size and they don't look too advanced in nature.


Any advice on slowing down or stopping the further progression of the rust would be greatly appreciated. Right now I have them packed away with a lot of silica gel around them to absorb any moisture.




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Without seeing the item, it is difficult to evaluate the condition of the item and whether it needs or will benefit from conservation. However, based on your description of the problem it sounds like it may be something we can assist with.


Storage as you are finding out, is your paramount concern with an item like this. Even the Mint has had problems over the years with dies and rust. It sounds like you are headed in the right direction with the use of silca packets. Moisture and dust are the primary threats to an item like this as they promote the development of corrosion.


Try to store this item in a cool, dry environment that has a relatively steady tempurature and low humdity. Silca packets should draw most of the moisture from the item but you should also try to keep dust from it as well as avoiding residues and oils from handling.


To have this item evaluated by NCS for possible conservation, contact NCS customer service at NCShelp@ncscoin.com or toll free at 866-627-2646.



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