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so I went through some state quarter rolls last night

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and let me say OMG!! So horrible! My internet was down at home, so I needed something to do. I get the rolls from the mint, crack them, search them and pick a couple good ones for coin albums that I want to give to my little cousins at some time, either when they are old enough to finish them or when the sets are complete. I have now decided to just pull them out of circulation, since the stuff in the mint rolls is horrible!!


First off Mississippi ..... this has to be the ugliest design ever. The strike on them is mushy at best. Most of the D mints were slightly off center, not enough to make them worth anything over a quarter, but enough to make them look even worse. and the P mint coins had more nicks than I could shake a stick at.


Tennesee wasnt much better, horrible strike, the reeding on almost all was off or something as they were sharp to the touch and just looked off, there was a "seam" running down the middle of the edge and the reeding seemed slightly off one side from the other. Also had several D mint coins with grease on them (and one slightly struck through) but again nothing great. The P mint were either not rinsed well planchets or were dropped on the ground before rolling cause they looked like dirty socks.


Indiana were actually well struck and in good shape, besides I really like the design on these grin.gif



If the internet isnt back yet tonight, I will be going through a 2lbs bag of wheaties i got from e-bay a while ago grin.gif

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I understand completely. I have been collecting rolls of the Ohio-p quarters, seeing that, so far, they are the lowest mintage. (217million). I got many rolls from the Quarter store, inwhich, their coins seem to be even in better condition then the U.S. mint rolls that I get via a subscription from the U.S. mint.


Mississippi quarters are in horrid condition. The strike is the poorest I've seen to date.


This comparison of the NGC census of MS quarters might end up being very telling:


All quarters to date, thru mississippi:



Del-p 1

Ma-p 2

Ma-d 1

Sc-p 1

Sc-d 8

Va-p 1 68*-4

Va-d 0 68*-2

Vt-p 1

La-p 1


That's it folks


I've bought some pcgs MS68 Ohio-p slabs; and they look like MS67 or less.


The number of Comm state quaters sent into NGC for grading are very disgustingly LOW, some even just 1

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