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I have an Iowa I already love but I thought this might be a nice addition.

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There a nice Comm. alright . :)


Is it just me but they seem to have quite a distinct toning pattern to them . Leeg Has a nice one which looks like it is a later toning state .


Hope he posts it ;)

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Got the Iowa in hand. Eagle side is much prettier in hand. A nice red rings the periphery on the bottom. Also there is a nice red patch within the stars. This turns into a rainbow colored ring on the periphery of the top which goes from Statehood through about the T in Centennial. Everything else is a has a nice golden hue to it (parts that look brown in the sellers photos.).


All in all, very pleased.


Now, I need to decide whether to have it sent in.

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The thing I really like about the Iowa commemorative half dollar was that the committee that marketed it fairly distributed the coins among collectors. No one got to corner the market and play games as had been the case with a number of commemorative coins in the 1930s.


There were a few odd rules. Coins were priced to out of state buyers at $3.00 while Iowa residents paid $2.50. Five thousand coins were set aside for out of state buyers while 94,000 were allocated to Iowa citizens. Interestingly 500 coins were saved for a 1996 celebration and 500 more for 2046. The chance to buy coins was done via a lottery system that was run through the local banks. Banks that did not sell their allotment had their coins re-allocated to other banks.


Although this sounds convoluted, it sure beat the situation when a few people got control of the coins and controlled the market. That happened in the distribution of the Cincinnati, Hudson and late date Oregon Trail commemorative half dollars among


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