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The horrors of telemarketing...

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Many horrendous stories of telemarketers lying and ripping off people for big money.




One story read:


"This is one of sickest and saddest horror stories I know.


In the late 1990s, I received a phone call from a man named Gene asking the price at which I would sell him some MS62 St. Gaudens. I gave him the price, and he thanked me. The next day, he called back again asked for prices on MS62 St. Gaudens. I gave him the same prices, and he asked if I was sure I could sell him MS62 St. Gaudens at those prices. I assured him I could.


The next day he called still again, this time with his wife, Shirley, on an extension so both could talk with me. We started the same conversation when I interjected, "You're not interested in buying these coins. You've already bought them from another dealer and now you want to know if you paid a fair price. Is that right?"


They confirmed that I had guessed right, and we discussed their situation. They had paid $74,000 for some MS62 St. Gaudens that I could have sold them for $48,000. They took an immediate 35% loss. But, here's where the story gets really sick.


Gene and Shirley called back several times asking if I thought that the dealer would refund their purchase, after all it had been only six weeks and "prices couldn't have changed that much."


I told them that telemarketers are better at keeping your money than at getting it and that it was unlikely that the company would willingly make any refunds. Then Gene told me, "It really wasn't all my money that I invested. Most of it was my brother's, who is an invalid. I wanted to make an investment for him that would sustain him in his final years."


I said, "Well, why not give the firm a call and tell them what you just told me. Maybe it will have an impact." Gene said he would make a call and hope for the best. I asked him to call me back and tell me how it went. He said he would.


I didn't hear from Gene and Shirley for almost a week after speaking with them almost daily for more than a week. So, I called and asked them how it went.


"Oh, it went great," Gene said.


"They're going to give you a refund?" I asked, somewhat astounded.


"No, they're not, but let me tell you what they did," Gene said. "After I told them it was my invalid brother's money, they put me on hold and came back a few minutes later with several other brokers on the line, and they held a prayer circle for my brother."


The telemarketers would not give the invalid brother's money back, but they prayed for him."




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Mind you , It depends how long ago they bought these Saints . They could at the very least have their money back or better with the price of gold now ;)

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On a side note as revenge on a telemarketer.. I had one call me a few years back asking for some lady who had lived in my apartment previous to me. I told to hang on I'll see if she's available, and set the phone down on the table, walked away and went back to watching tv, after 10 minutes I decided to hang up the phone so it wouldn't beep at me and I caught the telemarketer saying to his buddy.. "man this chick is taking forever to get to the phone!" I hung up and he promptly called back and I then told him she was no longer with us :D

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