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album from 1930's for halves................reduced

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have a classic two ring black coin album mid 1930's looks like wayte raymond/mehrig with no copyright or brand name stamped on covers or pages


has the black alligator paper over the sulfur impregnated cardboard pages like the old black holders from the middle late 1930's that many put in their 1937 1937 1938 etc. proof sets


the album is in overall very good condition was used and it is oblong 11 inches long 5.5 inches wide with the words commemorative half dollars embossed on the front enclosed by a double gold lines all in gold lettering the inside is 4 pages 12 coins openings per page with the acetate slides you slide open to put in half dollars and there are no names dates on the pages they are blank


two rows of 6 across total 12 openings per page and with 4 pages of 12 48 coin openings total


two pages are basically i think never used the other two pages hardly used at all


but you can see where some coins where put in? and then taken out


overall very good condition




30 dollars

plus 7 dollars properly packed bubble wrapped boxed shipping and handling and fully insured


$37 total



please private message me



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I'm getting some beautiful toning on my halves in the old Raymond-Wayte album that I got from you. The 1945 D has beautiful, crescent blue and gold toning. It's a gorgeous coin. One Walker toned a nice rosette red on the obverse.


And, oh, you should see the reverses of a couple of cleaned AU/XF Seated Liberty and Barber halves. They have a beautiful bold GOLD toning on the fields. It turned junk coins into something of a beauty and now highly collectable.



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thanks victor flowerred.gif i am glad it worked out thumbsup2.gif


oh and the album i just put on here is tentatively sold!!!



victor lets you and me open up a coin shop 893applaud-thumb.gif


i know it will never happen 893whatthe.gif


well we can dream cant we devil.gif




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Man, you oughta see the '41 D Walker! Lady Liberty's breasts and head and the star field of the flag have toned a subtle yet beautiful green with loads of luster. The area around the sun toned rose in a crescent shape. It sure is pretty.


Three or four of the Walkers have hints of awesome blue toning on the reverse. Extremely eye-appealling!


The 1917's obverse is nearly completely toned with gold and lavender. It has moderate eye-appeal.


The '45 D has the most gorgeous basics of a rainbow going. It is like viewing the refraction of light from the spray of a waterfall.


I may go out and buy a digital camera just to post some of them. 893scratchchin-thumb.gif I hope that I can capture the beauty of them.


I would estimate that a third of the halves in the album are toning with pleasant eye-appeal. Some are bland but not detrimental. The inner placed coins were not affected much.

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