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State Quarter Error???

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I recently received a state quarter in a mint bag that is missing part of the lettering in the words e pluribis unum. I am not really familiar with errors and which ones can be submitted for grading or would have any value. Is this something that would be graded as a mint error and is it a type of error considered collectible?




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The type of mint error you are describing is most likely a "filled dies" mint error. This occurs when grease or some other foreign substance makes its way between the planchet being struck and the dies. The substance does not allow for the planchet to fill the dies properly, thus creating the void you are seeing on your coin. These are generally not mint errors of great value. I would advise you contacting or showing the coin to several local dealers or perhaps sending an email image of your mint error to Dave Camire here at NGC. Dave is our resident mint error specialist and can provide you with further details regarding your coin. You might also post an image of your coin on this message thread.


Rick Montgomery


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