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Roots posted by Texan's Coins

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How I got started


I hear people talking about the "Silver Finds" days in the mid '60s after the mint changed the composition of coins. I also hear people talk about how they filled their Whitman Lincoln Cent albums. Fun times, I'm sure.


For me, it started in 2004 with the release of the quarter for the great state of Texas, my home state. Then, I fell in love with the Florida quarter. Later, the Wisconsin quarter came out with its extra leaves.


I later found a nice, helpful coin dealer in Dallas who brought his dog to the shop with him. That's where I discovered Coin World. After that, I discovered NGC and the registry. The rest, as the say, is that.


How did everyone else get their start?





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My start came as a teenager more than thirty years ago in a camera shop with a rotating case of coins. I was fascinated by a proolike 1881-S Morgan Dollar I bought at that camera shop for $12. I also enjoyed plugging Whitman albums with pennies I pulled from ciculation. I have many fond memories of my early days collecting coins. BTW, I still own that 1881-S dollar.

Gary hm

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4 of my Friends were going for their merit badge in coin collecting. I was not a Boy Scout but also started collecting because it seemed like a lot of fun and because in 1968, it was still possible to find a lot of wreath cents from the Teens on up and because you could still find lots of silver war nickels a nd silver dimes in circulation. My friends stopped collecting shortly after they earned their badges, I kept it up and here I am 43 years later still unable to shake the coin collecting bug.

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