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Who Ever Said You Can't Find Collectibles in Change ? posted by J Lloyd Young

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Imagine finding 3 ROLLS of Standing Liberty Quarters at Face !!


Thats what a friend of mine recently got at the bank when asking for rolled quarters for a card game . 3 entire ROLLS of SL Quarters ! Unfortunately all of them were dateless he says .

Another coin club member has been searching bank purchased penny rolls for over a year and has found TWO 1983 DDR Lincoln Cents uncirculated .

As for me ...here's a scan of my latest treasures...$10 1950-C FRN , 1964 90% Half Dollar , 1931 Canada 5 cent and two silver roosevelt dimes 1964-D and 1962-P . Happy collecting folks ALWAYS check out that pocket change !!!



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3 rolls of silver quarters for $30 WOW over $600 worth of silver for $30 SIGN ME UP FOR SOME OF THAT!

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3 rolls of dateless SLs, that must have been the family crackhead or the neighborhood burgler. Too bad for the poor slob who lost his rolls. But possession is 9/10s of the law (as my Dad used to say).

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