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ATTENDED A COIN SHOW THIS WEEK.... posted by DM Merrill Associates, Inc.

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...And I Liked It!!!


Last month, I wrote a journal entry about not liking coin shows- I get overwhelmed by the volume of coins. This week, I ventured to the Whitman Philadelphia Show, and was pleasantly surprised that I had a great time!


I carried a list of 6 or 7 dealer locations to give me some focus vs. just wandering aimlessly around the hall. This was a wise move. So, this is what I did :


-Stopped by the CRO table and told them how much I appreciate their road reports: even if I have yet to make a purchase from them.


-I introduced myself to 2 new dealers, whose inventory and customer service approaches sugget that we will do business in the future.


-I met face-to-face, one dealer with whom I have previously only spoken with on the phone.


-I sold 2 coins: One is a gorgeous toned buffalo 5 cent which I have owned since December 28, 1977. I literally kissed it goodbye as I handed it over. The dealer's wife looked at me and said "AWW, are you sure you want to sell it?" It was time to let someone else enjoy it. I've had its replacement in my registry set for about 3 years, now.

The other coin was a damaged, raw, better date coin that I purchased from a prominent , well-respected dealer on November 5, 1996; along with several other raw coins. All were whizzed, cleaned, damaged or poorly dipped. I took my losses on the others, years ago, but kept this one in a capital holder on my desk as a daily reminder of what not to do again!


- I saw some absolutely gorgeous Liberty nickels; one of which I now own (1912-D).


-My learning of the week: Not all low dealer offers for coins are deceptive, immoral, or otherwise negatively motivated. At the show, I received an offer for mone of my coins that was 250% higher than a local "brick and mortar dealer" offered me the day before. I have respect for this dealer, and have seen him conduct his business with great integrity. As I reflected on this situation, it occured to me that generally, a dealer can make buy offers only for dollar amounts that are commensurate with what his customer base (wholesale and retail) can afford and will spend. I need to keep this in mind in choosing where to sell my "children".


-My final, and possibly most enjoyable activity was spending an hour with John Frost and Dennis Fortier at the BCCS/ LSCC table. Great coin conversation! John was generous enoufg to let me examine his 1894-S Barber dime- a raw Fine condition with deep toning. Unfortunately, the "4" fell to the bottom of the 2X2, leaving only a shadow of its self on the coin!! Great conversation piece, John. Thanks for sharing!


As I said, A Great Coin Show!


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