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My new Jefferson 2065???

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Just found this coin as I was going through my new Jefferson's for my album.

I always use a loop when ever I am looking at coins I receive, for this very reason

I have used a loop and can see the error,

but if you move the loop it looks like the date 2065

I used this type of lighting as it shows up better. It is the best my camera can do.

I could use some help with this coin.

I would like to know just what to do with it.





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I would see first if it an error... Is it raised? Raised=Good, Incuse=Damage

If it is genuine, I would see if NGC currently certifies this error or at least puts them in a separate holder.


I would like to see that certified!!!!!!!!

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Hi Everyone


lol I think I will put it in a small box frame, with image, lol


I looked t it with my Loupe, and it it a gouge in the metal, can not see it with the eye.


Bur the gouge is to perfect to be done by anything but a machine.


Like a small piece was stuck to the punch and gouged this coin when it came through,




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I'm assuming the coin's "extra curve" above the 0 is incuse. It might not be damage but a legitamite mint error; I see mint luster in the area, which does not show if it is damage. Kind of hard to tell without the coin in hand.... Of course lol


So, both ways, I would call it a keeper :)

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