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AU December Contract Hits $1899.40! posted by Kamakazy

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WOW! Platinum getting a sympathy bump trying to stay ahead of gold.


A little to high to fast IMO. Especially with 90.1% of Equities hitting fresh 52 week lows today.






In other words, Don't hit 2.0 oz per DOW unit!


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WOOT keep on going! Just take a quick look around the world and you'll easily see how and why gold is as high as it is. Ron Paul would like to see it as a currency just as easily traded as pennies and nickels, I'm not sure he would make the greatest president but he has some ideas that no one else is willing to bring up. My gold goal is $2400 by Christmas and it may just do better than that.

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New record- $1917.90

Rhodium at $1950


Could it be true?



Gold higher than rhodium?


Lets see.


But I still want rhodium to be the most percious metal


There are sites that offer coins & bars (the Cohen Mint is closed)


I'm not the kind of person that wants my bullion in a POWDER (Kitco...)


rhodium= mined less than 1% of gold


oh well


time will tell...





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Yeah, AU cranked it up a few notches when Asia Markets Opened. Like I said, though. Gold/DOW ratio "should" kick in soon. Then we should see an AU pullback as rotation begins to occur.


I do however think that AU is going to continue a long term climb over the next few months and years as it finally realizes it's intrinsic and actual value based on increased demand.


It is getting to a point where I am shifting my collecting from gold and concentrating on other areas and sets.


Getting a little to rich for me, and I love gold!

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The Cohan Mint ripped me off almost $100 and I was the reason they were banned from paypal. They still after almost 2 years have never delivered product or refunded my money. I'm not surprised they went under and the strange thing is during the weeks after I ordered from them gold went down a little bit making it even more profitable for them. LOSERS!

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