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Lincoln Memorial 1959-Date Album Almost Complete

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Littleton Coin Album almost complete...


My Littleton Coin Company 1959-Date coin album arrived today (which has spots for all the coins in this series). Below are the coins that I need to complete this circulation set.




1960 [small Date]

1960-D [Large Date]







1970-S [small Date]

1970-S [Large Date]





1982 [Large Date / Copper]

1982 [small Date / Copper]

1982 [Large Date / Zinc]

1982-D [Large Date / Zinc]

1982-D [small Date / Zinc]


Also needed are proof coins for all years, but I'll wait to get those in year sets. My digital scale really came in helpful today when I had to figure out if my 1982 coins I had were copper or zinc.



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Let me ask this, does that folder have sports for the proofs as well as those made for circulation? I ask this because I have several of the 1971-s cents that were included with my mint sets and I am more than willing to send you a few to select the one you want for the book. But that 1971-s is not the proof issued cent, it was the circulating issue. Let me know if you want them, I wont charge anything at all since shipping cost will be minimal and I have an over abundance of cents.



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Yes, there are spots for the San Fran business strike and San Fran proofs. I do not have any San Fran coins at all (circulated or proof). If you have an abundance..... I would be honored. Thank you!

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I'll get the coins sent out thursday to give you time to reply to the PM I sent you. I am also including a "welcome to the hobby" gift as well since I have more than a few of that item as well.



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i have some really nice BU San fran lincolns. i have rolls of all grades that i find in circulation. send me a PM if you want some. I loved working on tht set! it is by far my favorite.

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