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I looked back at my first journal entry and what a surprise ! posted by novamomm

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The name of this company is 'NGC', not 'NGS'!!


Hi, all


I hope everyone is doing well... and you're collections are moving along!


Now that I know what company I'm dealing with (-: I can move on.


Today, I am going to pack up 5 coins and send to NG? (I think that's what I will call them from now on).


Is it good luck, bad luck, no luck at all, proper, or improper to tell what coins you are sending in? Well, I am, anyway because I am so excited.


1 - 1993 $2 - 2 ounce silver Kookaburra. It's very pretty and shiny. I hope it is not counterfeit or anything. I got it from eBay and it came in a 1992 box instead of 1993. It's very possible it's ok, but just to make sure, I want to send it in.


2 - 2011 Pandas from a bank


1 - 1989 Panda - I got it on eBay from a guy in China. He could be perfectly honest but there are so many stories about China and counterfeiting, it scares me. It's sealed in what is supposed to be a mint pack. There are honest people in China, too! (-:


1 - 2009 Panda from a bank


I have read other posts where people are nervous. Now, I am going to find out. When the box goes out on Monday, I am just going to try and forget about it.


Have a great weekend everyone and I am open to any and all comments on my coins or the shipment. The last comments you gave me were soooo helpful and I am very grateful for them.


The white paper in the box worked out quite well as you can see in the picture. I took this one in a hurry, so it's a little caddywampus, but I do make them straight now. I have trouble with copper and brass. Working on that now. I will go back to previous post as there were suggestions for that.


Enough for now! I'm quite sure you are thinking that!


Thanks, all!



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