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Platinum almost same price as Gold now

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here are my guesstimates based on what i see, hear and my experiences as such




1-- i dont own any gold or silver

2---i am not rich and i dont have anyone paying me for my advices lol


3--- i am not smart or well educated i am a man that works with his hands and his mind in unskilled jobs by the sweat of his brow


so in reality what do i know?? hm


anyways here goes


when the worldwide economy gets better and more demand for consumer goods increases and more cars are made and also the japanese get back on their feet then platinum will rise like crazy as it is greatly used in the car industry and also other industries


for gold i think if you divided the number of available troy ounces currently above ground (which has been reasonably accurately calculated) by the trillions in govt securities, bonds, certificates of deposit at banks direvites the world over and also T-bills etc gold would be 30k an ounce so i think gold has a ways to go upwards

as for silver see below


my guess is that there will be a peak for silver and gold in the 2015-2016 time frame 125-195 and gold at 3k-4k and waht happens after that i dont know and cant even guess


see me on here in 4 years if i am still alive and posting and i will have some more guesstimates



and yes there will be a huge recession next year with overall average housing prices dropping 20% maybe more?? and yes the super high end will not be hurt too much if at all there is also a coming deflationary period also higher unenjoyment and/or under-employment


i dont call it unemployment i as you can see call in unenjoyment lol as when i was unemployed a few times it was extremely unenjoyable for me lol





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right now gold just hit 1805 in after hours trading and plat is way behind




never thought i would see this with plat and gold



time to trade gold for platinum for a short to long term hold

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oh my


my my my my my my my my my my


gold is now at 1741 and platinum at 1796



i think it will be a roller coaster BUT with always an upward movement over time


at least for the next few years

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