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Crossroads by Kenneth Forsythe

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If reached a point where a decision must be made.


Hello fellow collectors.


Today I was wondering what I should do with my coin collection. I will be moving from Ft Campbell, Kentucky to Ft Huachuca, Arizonia next month. My problem is I have too many coins to move. I wont let the Army move my collection so that means I have to move it myself. I was wondering what I should keep and what I should attempt to sell. First I was thinking about selling all my Presidential Dollar rolls (HSN ones that were first certified by IGC and then ANACS). I have both P and D with a lens containing both for each President. With that batch, I was going to throw in the new nickels (rolls and lens). I dont know what price to ask (any ideas?). Then I was thinking about selling all raw coins I have in binders (2x2 with the plastic sheets that hold 12.. i think). Well i have 2 3" binders filled with all kinds of coins. Then just today, I thought about selling everything I have. Morgans, quarters, SAE's, commemoratives, mint sets, proof sets. I was talking with the wife and she thinks I was out in the sun too much today... she could be right. So, if any of my registry sets interest you, let me know and I will chew on it. The only registry set that is steep is my Morgan. Alot of toned and I have several lower grade doubles (for example, I have a MS66* listed in the registry but also have a MS65* in the same year/mint).


I also have complete Dansco's: Jefferson nickels, Roosies, Washington quarters, Kennedy halves, Sacagawea's, Peace dollars, and 1-1/2 Type Sets.


Maybe I got too much sun today.. might need a cold beer to calm my mind.


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Decisions made for a matter of convenience usually results in regret. That said, it would not hurt to test the waters so to speak by listing all for sale. Theres no guaranty it all will.

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