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What will NGC assign for a grade? (Part I)

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I have a small high quality Conder token collection that I've assembled over the last 4 years. I have had a few graded by NGC, but have resisted having the bulk of my collection slabbed. I've kept these in air-tites instead. In my travels at shows I've also seen many graded and, like the grading of U.S. coins, there appears to be much inconsistency in my opinion. I've seen pieces receive higher grades than warranted and those that have been badly undergraded. The benchmark that informs my opinion is not only my own experience, but in comparing NGC's grading of early U.S. copper (tougher on Conder tokens than on comparable U.S. cents). That may be because Conder tokens are more plentiful in higher conditions than their U.S. counterparts from the late 1700s.


In order to increase the liquidity of my collection should I or my heirs need to sell, I've decided to send the remainder of my collection for official entombment (yes, I know all the arguments against this decision and respect them). The purpose of this thread is to see what you think NGC will grade the pieces. I may have already influenced you with my opinion, but this is simply a little fun while I await the results.


So, I have sent 7 pieces and will list the first three here in Part I and the remaining four in Part II. Please reply with your grading guesses (and yes grading from pictures is limiting). If you'd like to comment on why you guessed the way you did, feel free to explain. I will of course post NGC's result when they come back in 45 days or so.








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Nice stuff! (thumbs u


Don't know the series but I can take a shot:


66 RB, maybe BN. Looks very well struck and don't see anything to knock it down to a 65.


62 BN - Not too sure on this one. Something going on by the date on the obverse and the reverse is a little rough.


AU45 - Looks like some honest wear.


All three are very pleasing to the eye regardless the grades. :)

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I am thinking 65 or better for the 477A and the 61. The 224 appears to have glossy luster, if so, NGC never gives better than MS63 for those, but possibly as low as 58. For comparison here is my 477A at MS64 (needs to be re-imaged because I can do better these days) but yours is better.


Nice Conders Catbert!



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I'll guess 65 BN, 64 BN, and 64 BN (shot RB) respectively.


I'm not so sure that there actually are more Conder tokens in existence at high grades than U.S. early copper. That may appear to be so because demand for the American stuff is so, so much stronger.


I love Conder tokens and own a small hoard, but have never collected them based on grade.


And one more thing - nice images!

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As previously stated, these are not my series, but I, also, will take a stab at a grade guess.

#1......MS65....few marks on the reverse field

#2......MS65....marks appear to mostly be die scratches(color might be an issue)

#3......AU50.....honest wear from circulation appears to be prevelant but not enough to warrant a lower grade.

These, of course, are just my opinions. Look forward to seeing the rest.


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first 2---------------- 64


last one hard to tell----------------l 63+ to 64



all have great eye appeal



remember these are only way off guesstimates from photos



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Coin 1 is a 66 in my view, but I'll guess that it will grade 65

Coin 2 is a 64 and will grade a 63

Coin 3 is a 64 and I'd bet they will penalize the coin for the typical weak strike. I'll guess a 63.


Hey, wait a second. I just realized that ownership is worth at least 1 point, eh? Ultimately, it doesn't matter to me what they come back as. I love'em all.


My thanks to all of you for posting in my thread and sharing your thoughts. Now, on to Part II with my remaining token submission in a new thread. Please come back and post there with your opinions on the next batch.

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Grades are in at last!


Shackelton MS 66 BN (and well deserved!)

Mr. Big Nose MS 65 BN (a surprise)

Portsmouth MS 65 BN (very pleased, this one is a favorite of mine)

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