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Playing with photo composition

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A new horse coin and presentation style...thoughts?


Hello everyone,


I picked up a very nice new coin for my horse-themed custom set. It is an example of the Austrian 5 shilling proof coin, with very nice cameo effect on both the obverse and the reverse.


While browsing a registry set, I also ran across a style of picture composition that I found attractive, but I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. It's a beautiful presentation style, but I can't decide if it takes away from the focus on the coin. Again, this isn't my creativity; I have merely duplicated the style of another's photos to the best of my ability.


Any feedback for the "nay" or "yay" would be appreciated!


Happy collecting,





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Hi Brandon, you're on the right track. Any method of presentation should accentuate your coin, rather than overshadow it. I like the central position and contrast of the lettering and the font. The reflection and hazy white ring seems to distract from the coin. I like using background colors that contrasts the coin like silver on black. I also like using picture collages. I did up a coin in a previous post that had a collage of the coin with an inset of the holder label between the obverse and reverse that did not seem to distract from the coin. If you dispel with the reflection I think I prefer labels below the coin as opposed to over the coin in your photo. A good way of accentuating your coin may be some type of border much like a picture frame you would hang on a wall. At any rate, I think you have a fine coin that will look good in whichever way you decide to present it.


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TBH, I don't much care for the white semi circle below the coin, I think it would look nicer without that. Give that a shot that way we have something to contrast it against.

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Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. I think I will stick with no framing and no obverse/reverse composition for my actual set photos, but it's kind of fun to do a composition for the journal posts. I agree with basically all of your suggestions, as I said I thought the reflection and the "spotlight/shadow" effect was cool on first sight of another registry set, but I think it's also distracting.


I moved the description below the coin, and added a simple frame now. I'm looking forward to more conversation, and I might post a couple more versions too.







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Number 2 looks best to me although Number 1 had great artistic flair.

Keep em coming, your horse collection is a real treat. I'll throw in that horrible Spanish Tin Horse Coin when I send the check for the SACs. Everybody should have a worst

coin for their collection. (:




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I like all three, but the 3rd version works best for me.


Here is one you should have for your set.....




This is a 1963 Austrian restrike of a 1642 coin. The gold one is pretty expensive, however it was also struck in silver if you are on a budget.


Hard to find, but worth the effort, and not too pricey.


Here is the reverse.....



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