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Coin Catalog Pro - Collector's Software - FREE Trial

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Greetings fellow Numismatists.


My software company has recently released the latest version of Coin Catalog Pro database software for coin collectors.


We are very proud of this package and have spent a lot of time developing it to cater to the needs of the coin collecting professional.

This is a true database solution for managing your coin inventory and portfolio, with options for image file storage, barcode scanning of Coin IDs, as well as Microsoft Excel exporting capabilities.


Currently there is a free trial of the software available, please follow the link below to Download the software.




Additionally, we are currently offering a significant discount on the price for a license. This is a limited time offer and subject to change at any time.


We welcome your suggestions and feedback.




Bruce B.

President and CEO

DB-Pros, Inc.



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Excellent point.


In addition, I keep all my coin data on a USB thumb drive. Can the software follow my thumbdrive around? or must it be installed on each PC that I use?


I use a laptop, 2 home desktops, and a work desktop (rarely) to review my coin "stuff". I would not want to buy four licenses, though.


But then again, since you are using MS Access as your dbms, I think that would imply four separate licenses.

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Thanks for the feedback and suggestions.


Yes, an Import is a good idea. We are working on that right now. The Import has to be written flexibly due to the fact that a lot of people have created "custom" Excel files for storing their collection. Some of our customers have used a similar Coin .xls Template, so those are easier to import.


However, the Import function can be complicated if the user's Excel file is not maintained in a clean database format.


We can import your data into the program if you like for a nominal fee. Its the poorly maintained Excel files that can take a good deal of time to normalize into a true database format.


To answer your question, Coin Catalog Pro utilizes the Microsoft Access 2007 RDBMS database engine. Most users have Access on their PC already, there is a download for a distribution of Access 2007 in the Coin Catalog Pro install package. We are currently working on a Macintosh compatible version as well.


Regarding storing the database on your USB stick or thumb drive, I do the same thing myself! : ) Please contact me to discuss license key options for this scenario if you are interested in the software.


Best regards,



President and CEO

DB-Pros, Inc.


Coin Catalog Pro software Trial link:

Coin Catalog Coin Collecting Software

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