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Natural toning or not - I´m still confused

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Good afternoon everyone,


The subject of toning is one of those that confuses me to the brink of insanity


I have read the basic information on this and I have googled the absolute "poo" out of the subject. But still when I think I have it new questions arise. One of those are my three 1930´s 5 kronur silver coins that I got together from a collection. One week i´m certain they are NT then it changes.


I have seen many coins from Iceland that have the hot water effect as I call it. All hot water in Iceland has sulfur in it and alot of coins that have been cleaned at one time even with cold water get sulfur on them. The sulfur is stored in the pipes and if you dont let the water run for some time you will get sulfur on it. I can spot that toning very quickly.


Now to the coins I have


Here are two samples from the three. The toning is very deep and colours are strong. I know the history of these coins and were they were stored and how. I also know that the owner has no wisdom of toning so deliberate artificial toning is out of the questoin.


Your thoughts are appriciated :preach:





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In addition to atmospheric conditions (you mentioned a high sulfur content, and I'll assume the air in and around Iceland is salty as well), the metallurgical content of the coin is a critical factor in how it will tone.


What is the composition of these coins?


If those toning patterns and colors were on U.S. 90% silver coins, they would be deemed AT, most likely.

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Thanks James,


You are correct. I have seen coins that come from towns that are near hot springs erias that are black.


The medals ( coins ) are sterling silver. They were artificialy toned by the german mint ( black toning ).


I have seen many of these medals in my time time but none with this kind of deep toning.



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