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Coin collections..

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Hey guys, long time no post! I'm still interested in coins, just into a lot of things right now and alot is going on.


My grandma needs a new computer, so she's selling off her coin collection. This reminds me of a story. I went into a coin shop near where I live (west of the city where I live, I live in the east of the city) and talked to the owner there. He is quite nice. I asked him how to get into the business, he said people don't usually hire people, you have to get into the business yourself. I'm not looking to, but he told me how much it costs to get your own shop up and running,etc. After talking to him for quite awhile,he said I may be a good coin appraiser. This is a job I would enjoy doing...I love looking through coin collections, never quite knowing what you're going to find.


Anyway, from my grandma's collection I have:

21 dimes (90% silver): 1 barber and 1 mercury, rest are Roosevelts

$35 face value of $2 bill's, with 2 red seals and a silver certificate. The 2 red seals are worn and the silver certificate is very heavily worn...looks almost like a cull.

A 10 oz .999 silver San Francisco Assay silver ingot/bar

It appears from 1981.

It says:

"Minted from US Strategic stockpile silver" formerly stored U.S assay office San Francisco"



1 peace dollar (Fine condition)


a 14 karat gold ring of unknown value

a 14 karat white gold ring of unknown value



40% silver half dollar = $5.36


4 silver washington quarters = $26.24


My question is, and I'm willing to do any research on this, I want to learn, but I want to be pointed int he right direction too. I want to sell these all to a collector, to get at least melt for them. I know selling to a dealer they have to make a profit I will get less than melt. I'll look up info about the assay bar, but I seem to remember that certain assay's may carry a premium? Perhaps its worth more than melt.


Furthermore, is there anything I absolutely should not do when selling this? Anything to be cautious about?




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Mostly, you'll most likely be getting bullion as you already stated. Not sure about the 81 assay, I'm sure it will bring more money, but I believe the ones that bring a larger premium are the ones from the 60's when they were having people cash in their silver certificates. If you don't already have a silver calculator, let me know and I can send you one.

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I think you wil find that the "assay bar" is not an assay bar. During the late 70's or early 80's the government desided they no longer needed the strategic stockpile of silver and they began selling it off through a series of auctions conducted by the GSA. These were sales of 400 oz bars or more. For the most part the sales didn't do all that well as the government typically set minimum bids at spot or above. My guess is that what you have is a bar made by a private mint that bought some of the government bars, melted them down, and made them into smaller more manageable size bars and marked them as to their source, the strategic stockpile.

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