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1882 $5 Liberty

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Thoughts on a grade?




Original skin?


Is it just the lighting source or does the coin appear dull and lacking luster (e.g. on the obverse, the periphery has luster, but the devices and nearby fields appear to lack luster)? Look at the way the darkness appears to move around the stars as if the coin has been cleaned. For the moment, I'll say AU details.

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To me it looks like an AU50 and has scattered hits and a few whispy hairlines that are acceptable at that grade. Remember, it's gold and is quite soft and once it enters circulation it aquires hits at a much quicker pace than a silver or copper counterpart.



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AU53. if you look on both sides of the coin, the break in the luster is the same on both sides. (highest being at 9 & 3 o'clock). I wonder if this coin rested on anything that dulled it a bit...interesting.

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market acceptable au


the year 1882



barnum introduced the elephant jumbo

to madison square garden in nyny and americans flocked to see him


jumbo died in 1885 when he was hit by a freight train in 1885 in ontario canada


and to this day jumbois an adjective for unusually huge size


electricity was used for the first time lighting up parts of ny city with power by the edison illuminating company and financed by none other than himself jp morgan


and in 1882 less than 2% of the homes where connected to a water main and nearly all private homes had outhouses in the backyard still a crude, smelly time by todays standards in the later 19th century in the CITY



the legendary infamous jesse james was shot and killed



the american baseball association was founded and the last official bareknuckle championship boxing match was fought


the standard oil trust was incorporated by john d rockefeller bringing 95%+ of the american petroleum industry under one control



robber and oil barons where quite prevelant in society and industry caring only for themselves


railroads were the main form of transportation between cities and the country in the continental usa


patient medicines ruled the d as brst sellers at practically every store in the usa created with outrageous claims of great cures as then there were no rules, laws or restrictions to be obeyed with the main ingredient of many either strong spirits and/or cocaine


on a numismatic note


the chapman brothers printed a wonderfully lavish quality coin cat with 12 photographic plates and descriptions of thousands of coins tokens and medals from the famed and highly celebrated collection of charles I. bushnell WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


and over 50 coin auctions took place in 1882 as this was truly a booming time for coin collectors



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Very little original skin. The lettering in "FIVE D." looks off (E D.), may just be the picture but I would have it authenticated.

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