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But, Where Did They Come From?


Earlier this week, I stumbled upon a long forgotten box of non- US coins. There's nothing valuable here, but the box did contain a nice cross section of the world. They are primarily 20th century coins,1960's and 70's, with a few from the 1940-50 era.


The coins, organized by country included:

Hong Kong (maybe they will be valuable in the future since these are the obsolete British coinage), Maylasia, Singapore, and Vietnam.


The kicker is, "I have absolutely no idea where they came from!"

I don't remember when, where, how, why I acquired this grouping.

Was it a mass purchase; or a little over time; or, what?


I reviewed old invoices, purchase records, and inventory lists. And still, NO IDEA where they came from.


But it was a nice trip through Southeast Asia. All the coins are brilliant uncirculated and beautiful. I returned home to the US via some additional finds in the box: a nice circulated grouping from Egypt (1890's to 1900's), and another BU collection from Brazil in the 1970's.


All in all, an inexpensive vacation; but, WHERE DID THEY COME FROM?!!!


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While I was in the Navy, I stopped in many of those Asian nations you talk about in your post. At every country I visited I tried to collect one of every circulating coin of that nation. Now some 35 years later I still have most of those coins, including a very nice proof set from Singapore.


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hi, Gary.


Those are great momentos. I too had the opportunity to visit or work in a number of countries but didn't pick up any coins at the time, except Greece and Canada.

I visited Thailand, Singapore, and worked in Australia. Fortunately, I have examples of their coinage from other sources- dumb me!



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That is so cool. I have picked up a number of mostly circulated coins from Asia, South America, and Europe from friends or associates who have traveled to those locales. Most of mine sit in a big can in the garage (I already picked out all the silver coins long ago). From the sound of your horde, might be a long forgotten auction purchase? I know I have found many things in my collection over the years that I believe I must have purchased but I have no idea where, when, or why.


Still find stuff once in awhile like the great PCGS sample roosevelt dime I turned up a few weeks ago.


Love this Hobby!!!!!!

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