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Followup to my First Journal posted by Gilbie

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An update on my niece and how part 1 of the sale went


Hello all collectors, anyone who read my first Journal I thank you, if you like you can look it up , was only about 2 weeks ago and the suject was My first journal and probably my last, well a lot of you must of read it, because I know I have had to move a lot of my coins out of my registry sets to others in this registry, and that is what this is about, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I was the one who has the niece who needed a kidney transplant and our family had to raise over 100K in 10 days, which was very difficult, and we had to borrow most of it, my portion was to sell my entire 20 year coin collection, which was my love and only hobby. It was really an easy decision though when it comes to coins and human life. Anyway I just wanted to remind you all that Part 2 of my sets will be on teletrade this Sunday May 8th, and Part 3 on May 11th. My #1 ranked America the Beautiful or some call them National Park Quarters in Mint state goes off this Sunday. It is also the highest graded set in the world according to NGC and PCGS their are 2 coins in that set that their are only one of to this date and their are others with a pop of 2 and both of them are in my set , and of course all of the others take a good look if you got a little money put away, you can buy the #1 ranked set and because of the coins that I already have if you keep it current no one will ever have a higher graded set, and at programs end it will be worth a fortune, just remember how many of us fell asleep on the 99Statehood quarter set, and now you cant get them first year coins unless you rob someone. also, You all bought up most of the First Spouse PF70 Gold coins last week, and this Sunday I am running matching coin in MS70 and I can see why now, makes a lot more sense than paying the same or more than a Eagle, and they both are IRA eligible, but see once the mint just slice production and stopped producing some of them without warning, now look how hard they are to find, a complete set of them will be worth a pretty penny in about 5 more years, not even counting the gold value. I also have a nice 1957 top pop nickel and a few nice quarters, so again I am really glad that I could fill a lot of your holes in some of your sets, its like keeping it in the family. And again I have tried and tried and tried to find a way to log into that collectors society portion of this registry and finally gave up so if someone out their could forward this into the announcements or whatever modes you use to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to read this I would really appreciate it. See I am a laryngectomee, so I cant speak because of agent orange in Vietnam, so I just cant pick up the phone and ask. And my niece wants to thank all of you who helped her get a new kidney, she is doing great. If anyone needs to reach me just pull up Gilbie and ask away, or just look at the sets. I thank you and GOD Bless You All! My email is gray_g1@comcast.net if you would need that.


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I was the winner of 4 coins from last sunday's auction. All quarters 1959 PF68UC, 1969 PF69UC, 1972 PF69UC, 1981 T2 PF70UC. There is plenty more from the Gilbie collection left, really nice coins. There is still an elusive 1971 25C PF69UC for sale with only 9 ever graded it is the key to the proof clad washington series.

Here is a pic of my POP 7 1981 that I had to have but am happy I paid too much in this instance.




Here is the pic of the crazy elusive 1971 that is still for sale May 11th from the Gilbie collection.



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