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Is this rare?

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The 1846 H10C is one of the keys of the series, and is considered a *major* rarity among Seated specialists, especially in any grade AU and better.


Most series collectors look down on the Seated Half Dime series because it is either too short (compared to the dimes, quarters and halves), the coins are too small, contains no major rarities, or don't cost so much per coin.


The truth is that this series contains a fair number of extreme condition rarities -- more so than my beloved Seated Dollars -- as well as a large number of low pop dates.



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I can't believe how many coins in that set garner 1 point due to their condition rarity. Mind bending. I'd LOVE to see that set on display. Do we know the owner (by reputation more than by name) or the set's origin?



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....or don't cost so much per coin.


Sounds like it's right up my alley... laugh.gif





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legend obv. seated half dimes are really rare coins in superb gem mintstate with fantastic surfaces along with color and eye appeal and other technical superlatives like cameoed yet still a business strike coin


the ultimate halfdime would be technically ms68 superb gem

monster toned monster eye appeal monster lustre and oriiflike so the coin is cameoed which highlights its look


basically close to non existant like this


they are extremely undervalued coins and even though they are small if they look like this (((see attachment)))) in superb gem mintstate with fantastic color and eye appeal prooflike cameoed business strike great lustre a monster coin! unusual like this really uncommon


they are extremely beautiful coins the problem is most are really non existant like this


this is the first star legend obverse mintstate halfdime

made at ngc and I made it also an ms68 to boot and solid for the grade myself i do not believe in the gaga grades of ms69 and 70 for these coins ms68 for me is a special coin


if it was any other series of coin it would be into the high tens of thousands of dollars but since half dimes are so small and never look like this they are not too desired by collectors hence little demand and demand is what makes coins worth $$$$$ look ayt all the common certified modern coins in 70 holders with the right plastic around them they are just as good as any 69 graded coin if not better in some cases!!! along with thousands of raw examples yet some bring thousands of dollars in these specific plastic holders with the grade 70 on them due to demand which is okie and yet you can find literally thousands of raw coins at any show(s) that look exactly the same and


not my cup of tea 27_laughing.gif


i dare anyone sight seen to go find a coin like in this(((( see attachment )))) raw fully strongly cameoed business strike basically perfect technical quality and killer eye appeal totally original never touched and monster lustre with rings of neon color like this coin red blue green yellow orange i guess you really need to see this coin sight seen it is a killer the scan barely does justice to the coin


myself i am a type collector as i only like the finest the best and this is impossible even with all the tea in china all the money in the world to get a whole set of them


so i settle for the one best for type


this coin has clashed dies so it is strongly prooflike and this gives the devices a strong cameo both sides the color is killer and gradeed by ngc superb gem ms68* star


this coin has amazing lustre and glows like there is a light behind it


again in person it is even better


the problems is most to most all just do not look like this and there is no supply so hence there is little demand


really only for a type collector who is putting together the finest set known


then this coin would be for him but few would appreciate it as it is only a half dime





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during 1995 to 1997 laura put together the best set of legend obv half dimes mintstate pcgs


with the 5 known at the time pcgs ms68 coins


they were all the ms68 coins blast white and she saw this 1860 halfdime


and in her opinion


this 1860 was better than all the pcgs coins besides being the most eye appealling monster toned coin by a country mile compaired to all the ms68 pcgs coins


and she would know as she saw all the finest known pcgs coins of every date


on some of the coins


dealers knew that she was putting together the finest known pcgs set and some coins she got held hostage on but she was able to buy all the finest known pcgs graded half dimes for this set


i bet it is still 893scratchchin-thumb.gif intact too



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Someone teach me a bit about half dimes. Looking at this great set Half Dime Set I see that the only coin not MS65 or better is the 1846. Is this a really rare date - or just strangely absent from the market in high grade?




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yes the highest degree and magnitude of rarity



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and no 27_laughing.gif i do not work for him or have any financial interest at all in this 27_laughing.gif



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