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Darn... another fake/reproduction.... Any value?

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I was going through my grandfather's coin collection recently (he was born in 1888 and died in the mid-1970's).


Lots of nice Morgans, Peace, Franklins, Barbers, and a few older ones.


I was so happy to find a Colonial Fugio, but as I've posted in another thread, some very knowledgeable users here have determined it to a cast piece, not an original one.


So, I was suspicious when I found the best of the best... a 1737 Higley Copper Three Pence. It looked so real, but after hours of looking through all sorts of site, I finally looked at the coin edge and saw BECKER stamped into it. This is not a modern Becker reproduction where the word COPY is punched into each side, but this is a very early copy that looks so real and only has BECKER stamped into the edge. It was hard for me to see at first. In one of the attached photos, I lightened it significantly in Photoshop to show the marking.


As I read more, I also saw that Becker was contracted by collectors and museums to cast pieces for them as well... that's how good their work was. I've also seen references to these being very collectible as well.


Why would people be seeking these out? It is a knockoff, but one of the best. Also, does anyone know a value on this piece?





















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I don't know the value of it, but didn't you notice immediately the very obvious seam around the edge? That is usually a great place to check for an electocopy.

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Nope. Didn't see it. I'll admit is was an obvious mistake to overlook.


My only justifications are that it was late at night, and I was somewhat excited about what it may have been, and I'm just learning. Out of several thousand coins, all in good shape and legit, I didn't have a reason to suspect it.


Lesson learned. This could have been even more embarrassing if I'd have sent it in to an expert.

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It is actually quite easy to overlook what I pointed out. Truly, there is little reason for most folks to look at the edge for the vast majority of coins or tokens that they might find. Also, if you have never experienced it before, you would not anticipate to look for evidence on the edge. The piece might have some value as there are no doubt collectors of this type of material, but I have no knowledge of that niche.

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I own such pieces, and they cost $5 to $25. Some museum quality electros of famous coins can easily sell for thousands of dollars, but cheap copies of coins can cost only $1.


For that matter, I offer you $25 for this plus your cast Fugio, if you are interested.

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Does your electrotype copy have becker on the edge? I am not a coin collector at all but I recently found a coin very similar to the one in this picture but no becker on the edge. It looks exactly like yours though.

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On 4/23/2011 at 6:37 PM, coinsarefun said:

I have a simalier piece and I collect electrotypes.









Its my first time on this website. I thought I tagged you the firat message. Hope to hear.

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