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A couple questions

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Hi Chriss. I would like to discuss 2 questions. My apologies for a long post.


1. Can NCS successfully conserve proof coins that are developing blue spotty toning in their mirror fields? (My 1968 half in NGC PF-69UC and my 1976 in PCGS 69 DCAM).


2. I know I asked about this one before. It is my Registry 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar graded NGC PF-69 UC. The cameo on this is awesome, beyond the standard for UC. However there is a small spot on the obverse near the number 6. The previous owner said the spot was there since he purchased the original proof set in the celephane in 1980. It is benign has has never grown.


It could be a milk spot, which I know is struck deep in the planchet and cannot be conserved. It also may be a residual toning spot.


How much of a risk would it be to send it in for rewiew for conservation? My concern is that if is downgraded from 68 to 69, I will lose 90% of its value.





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As always, we would have to see the coin in person to determine for certain what may or may not be done with a spot. If the spot is a residue or toning spot then chances are good that conservation may be able to help. If the spot is a milk spot, as you know, it is deep within the planchet and can not be safely removed. If the evaluators feel that the grade will be negatively impacted, the coin will not be conserved.


Chris, NCS

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Than you Chriss.


I did send the 1964 Kennedy to NCS today (04/29). Submission form #5286122. The reason I am interested in having it evaluated for conservation is that it has a monster cameo contrast on both sides with exceptional eye appeal. I think it is a candidate for a 69 Star UC!


The previous owner told me the spot was there since he purchased it in the original 1964 proof set inthe arly 1980's. It is only half the size of a pinhead and has remained benign and stable.


Chances are 95% it is a milk spot, in which case I made a complete fool of myself.

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