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Adding to my Custom Sets

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and furthering my current interests.


Hi All,

Last week I sent 4 Canadian coins and 4 Japanese coins in for grading. The Canadian coins are 1967 P/L coins 1 Cent thru 25 Cent that I removed from their cello pak and will add to my 1967 Canadian Custom Set. I doubt if I will ever get the $20.00 gold piece but I do love the animal themes on the lower denominations and Canadian coins have had that certain something in the last 50 years that U.S. coins seem to lack.


The Japanese coins will go into my chopmarked trade dollar collection. The actual Japanese Trade Dollar is very heavily chopmarked and will probably garner a VG Details grade. The 2 Japanese Yen will probably be VF Details, XF Details and AU Details.


Will post pictures of the awful Trade Dollar and the best of teh Canadian quartet as soon as they arrive at my mailbox.


Happy Saturday Everyone.



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Hi Beauw, glad to see that you are staying true to your interests. I sent away dozens of coins for my sailing ship themed collection that probably cost me more to slab than the coin was worth. Several people told me I was nuts for slabbing a $20 coin but in the end my "High Seas" collection was the first winner of the Most Creative Signature Set award--keep up the good work ( an interesting idea too-chopmarked coins from Asia-post some pictures plz)


The main reason I wrote is that your post reminded me of an old set I forgot I had tucked away somewhere. Well after a bit of searching I found it--original 1967 Canada PL set in the mint packaging with the box and (real)leather case. The gold coin is gone but the other 6 coins look to be very nice and even have some good cameo contrast--let me know if you'd like them.........Jackson




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Hi Jackson,

I'm with you on that. I am trying to advance my own hobby interests so I enjoy sending in coins for slabbing regardless of their value. The Custom sets I have started recently,

chopmarked trade coins, and 67 Canadian will all have pictures and will all have a nice

write-up as soon as I have a day off and some extra time on my hands. No hurry, my

collecting has been a 45 year journey at this point and I expect another 30 or so before

I cross the river.


I also plan on doing a 1965 SMS custom set in honor of my wife's birthdate and a 2005

set, including commemoratives, for my daughter. So the collecting interests are always

kind of evolving. That's the beauty of coin collecting.


I already have another 1967 in mint issued leather case with a silver medal in place of

the Gold 20.00. So won't be needing your set but THANK YOU for the offer.




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