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1979 Washington Cameo?

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ngc has cameo and then there is ultra cameo which is totally thickly frosted with no frost breaks


i think you have an ultra cameo coin and i am almost positive from your photo of the obverse


the reverse which i cant see if it is as strong as the obverse then definately!



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see how the frost on the face is all white


imagine if you will if there are some clear spots/streaks/patches where it is not heavy white but clear like a mirror


these are frost breaks


another way to look at it


see how a deep dark chocolate cake is frosted with creamy white buttercream frosting??


well if you can see parts of the chocolate peeking through


well that is breaks in the frosting


get it??




now the services certainly can add some give and take but it all depends on the series but usually a ultra cameo has to look like your frosted washington to get the ultra if not evenmoreso


hard for me to tell you


as it involves experience in looking at thousands of coins over many years to develop the eye and still there are many near misses and not quite there cameos that get it and some that dont


it all depends on the overall look of the coin which i cant tell you but show me the coin and i can tell you if it is ultra or not


sorry if i have confused you but with grading and cameos it is not an exact science but an art


hope this helps my friend

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