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1944 D/S Lincoln

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I'm not a Lincoln expert, but CONECA does list a '44-D/S, FS-01-1944D-502 OMM (Over Mint Mark) but it is saying the "S" is placed to the west not the north as indicated on your coin. If this is a die chip, it's just interesting, if it is indeed an "S" under there, well then you have what may constitute as a discovery piece.


Let's hope a Lincoln expert chimes in, at least my post won't let you get bored til that happens.

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From the inset photo this looks like the 1944 D/S over mint mark OMM #1. It looks like the top part of the S is north of the D mint mark. There is a 1944 D/D repunch mint mark that the D is both north and either east or west also(cannot remember). Hopefully, someone can post a clear diagnostic photo. Hope this helps and nice find.

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Tough one! It doesn't look exactly like either 1944 D/S omm #1 or omm #2. See here.


Here's another photo of FS-01-1944D-511 from PCGS Coinfacts.


But who knows? It's pretty darned close! Might be a die chip.


Send it in! Unless those are fatal scratches under LIBERTY.




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