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My first "Marketplace" post! Lotsa stuff for sale- a lot of it inexpensive!

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Hello, dear Collectors Society friends.


A lot of you know me from "Across The Street" on the PCGS forums, where I've been for the last ten years. To the rest of you, I guess I'm just a rank newbie here. I'm a latecomer to these boards because for years I was unable to register with my Hotmail email account. (I finally got a gmail account, so here I am, now- better late than never, right?)


Anyway, I thought I'd post a link to my fixed price master Buy/Sell/Trade swaplist.


It's pretty long and involved. I beg your indulgence and forgiveness for posting a link to Across The Street, and hope I've not run afoul of any rules by doing so. Y'see, I would have just copied and pasted everything here, except the code for hyperlinks here is a bit different, so I'd have had to edit every single link in my listing. Once you see it, you'll realize why I'm not up to that daunting task.


Contact me via PM here, or across the street, if you're a member there. If I'm slow to respond to PMs here, feel free to call 912-261-8408 and ask for Rob. (Emailing me doesn't do much good since I check PMs more than email.)


Since I'm still pretty new here, I would be eternally grateful if those of you who know me from elsewhere would stand as references for me. Thanks, everyone!


By the way, I try to have a little bit of everything on hand. Most of it under $100.


Just click the link above to see...






















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If you can, shoot me an image of the love tokens. I typically pay $8 - $10 for those... more for better ones, of course.


Here you go. I put them in their own thread, since there were so many. There's a link to it from the main thread, though. I'd copy and paste the images here, but again, I use thumbnails and hyperlinks, and the hyperlinks won't copy and paste from there to here. Thanks for your interest. I have several in the $9-10 range, with the most expensive being $16. I offer volume discounts, too, as mentioned in that thread.


Sorry I couldn't make it past the fine print!! :roflmao:

I apologize for that. I confess there IS a lot of fine print. Not 'cause I am trying to bury or hide anything, but because I try to SAY everything. Some people like a lot of detail, and to the others, it's all blather. I plead guilty to being very longwinded. I'm "chatty". Feel free to ignore most of the :blahblah: if you choose, and just scroll down for the pictures if you want. That's probably what most people do, anyway.


Hey, I told you it was "long and involved"! :P




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