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Registry Collecting - Expensive or Enjoyable? posted by TD Henson

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Which E will it be...


I'll be honest and say that when slabs first gained momentum I was a naysayer. I believed that the 10 MS grades were largely indistinguishable and that third party grading was just a way to get more money for especially key date coins and ultra grades. What I didn't realize was that buying raw coins without an "education" was and still is an official warrant to rip off. It's like wearing a big sign on your back - "I don't have a clue what I'm doing, so it's OK to sock it to me!"... and believe you me I have been had on many coins.


My education is continuing every day, but with NGC's expert "advice" I feel as though I am now a connoisseur of fine coins and much less likely to be ripped off. I find that dogs and cleaned coins now stand out to me in dealer inventory and that even slight problem coins, like AU coins trying to be sold as BU coins also are recognizable.


In summary, to compete in the registry it can get quite expensive, but the grading fees have made my life as a collector far cheaper by discerning the difference between an almost gem and a true gem. It's very rewarding to turn less than $20 into a slabbed $500 coin.


For me it will be ENJOYABLE!! NGC has replaced ANA for me - I've found more friends here than in any other coin forum!


The picture below is a raw Semi-Gem (MS 65 or so) but with gorgeous toning!



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I'm with you, as recently as 4 years ago, I thought slabbed coins were just for those investors who did not CARE about their coins. I felt like the only way to really be a collector was to have raw coins in Whitman albums, etc. etc. etc. Now I realize how

poorly many of my raw coins fared over the years and how it is, perhaps, better to slab your collection and give a chance to survive in pristine condition for many generations.


Happy Collecting Everyone,


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Hey TD, I'm with you as far as the NGC Registry replacing my need for the ANA. I got on the slabing train right away. I was so bad at grading that I had to go with PCGS and NGC. I tried a few of the other services (ANACS,PCI,ICG...) but left them when you could see they weren't going to be the top dogs of the slabing craze. On a side bar, I'm wondering what you used to take the picture of your dime, It's nice and clear, good focus, nice color, and a great size for a close-up. Thanks

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It does get expensive, but it is most definitely enjoyable in more ways than one. For myself personally, if I were to buy a fake coin, it would have probably driven me away from the hobby.


Also, I don't have the time to look at the number of coins it takes to form a discerning eye when it comes to distinguishing between a MS65 and MS66. It is worth it to me to let NGC take care of that for me.


Plus, I agree with Beawchan. Slabbing gives your coins the opportunity to survive from generation to generation.


Nice picture of your dime. I'm usually not a huge fan of toning, but the rainbow tone on your coin is fantastic.



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