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Coin Designs posted by Jay Ramsey

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Is the stagnation political?


I've read over the years in Coin World many stories regarding political influence over coin design. Case in point; the demand from a State of to keep the home of Thomas Jefferson on the reverse of the nickel coin because it is a tourst attraction in that state.

I am really curious about how much political influence really goes on in stiffling the creativity of coin design. I applaud the new obverse designs of the nickle, the reverse of the Cent and the new quarter programs. But I know we can do much better.

There is so much artistic talent in this country, yet our coins in comparison to other nations are stagnent. I would like to see a commission that is free to design new coinage that displays the artistic talents currently restrained by political influence.

To ignite world collectors who marvel at out talented and unique designs for coins. Just look what the State Quarters and National Park Quarters have done for our hobby, inspiring new collectors not only here but also abroad.

I say turn them loose to be creative and let's make some coins all Americans can be proud of and thus stimulate the hobby to new hights. It's win-win because the mint prospers, and the collectors will be delighted. We may only have a couple hundred years as a nation, but what a rich history we have. Let's bank on it!


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Well said. It's kind of sad to not even make the finals of the coin of the year award. Also, that Rhino coin was absolutely beautiful. I agree with you. We have the talent in this country to produce a coin on par with that. Let's remove the restrictions and have some fun!



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