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Powerless Over Beautiful Coins posted by Jackson

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unintended purchases....


I have come to a self realization. The only way for me to go on a coin buying hiatus is for me to stop looking at them. I decided about 2 weeks ago that I was going to take a break from buying for a few reasons.


First of all: I have season tickets to my favorite hockey team. I spent a bundle traveling to Pittsburgh for the New Years Day " Winter Classic" and on memorabelia..also the playoffs will be around the corner shortly, and even at face value, 2-3 seven game series of tickets ( at $100+ each) adds up pretty quickly.


Secondly, my wife and I have booked a cruise/vacation for early February. I usually take a week of my vacation in mid-winter to break up the dulldrums between Christmas and spring. It is amazing how a week of traveling to St Thomas, Antigua and Barbados can cure any gray winter blues.


My wife's birthday is also in February and it is one of those landmark years so I want to get her something special ( with "special" defined as : expensive piece of jewelry..)


So I had planned on putting coin purchases on the back burner while I tucked away some funds for vacation, gifts and hockey playoff tickets...so much for the back burner !


I was "just gonna look"..and of course I came across one of those coins. You know the ones I'm talking about. It catches your eye and instead of the Click-Peruse-Close that we do with hundreds of coins, this one freezes your mouse finger. You study it with your eyes but your brain is already rationalizing the purchase..." it will never still be available in a month"....." it is the exact grade and look I want to fill that empty slot with"...."it is selling for $300 under FMV!"..and of course, " I may never find another one this nice for my set"...


Almost involuntarily my mouse finger slides the cursor to the purchase button and I have commited to buy the coin. I guess the only way to prevent this involuntary response from my primary motor cortex is to just stay on the forums or read journals and not look at auction sites.


Having said all of this, I strangely feel absolutely no regret..in fact, this is one of my most exciting additions in a while..1937-S MS66...I'll switch things up and post a picture of the reverse for a change...



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Jackson, I was just chuckling to myself as I read your journal because I can relate to your dilemma! However, your coin is a good find and you can start over today on your moratorium! Enjoy your cruise and I wish your wife a happy birthday! Go Penguins!


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I can relate as I'm already into the February budget for coins. Fortunately it's almost February.


Your mention of hockey reminded me of going to watch the Rockies when I lived in Denver many decades ago. I always enjoyed those breaks from routine and miss them sometimes.




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Most of us are in that boat and I am sailing in that boat today. I think that most married men on here have wives that would like to start a support group.


That being said, it is a beautiful coin. I couldn't have said "no" either.



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